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Although this may be true, it is also the ultimate rolling status symbol that intimidates the masses with its immense size, gangster grill and shiny chrome throughout. Lenco BearCat G3 (SWAT Team Vehicle) The vehicle looks tough because it is tough. It's constructed of heavy-duty mil-spec steel that can resist a barrage of .50 cal bullets.

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Now, the foods that you should eat to increase muscle mass faster are: Lean Beef (100 grams) Protein = 26.1 grams Calories = 217 Fat = 11.8 grams 2. Skinless Chicken (100 grams) Protein = 31 grams Calories = 165 Fat = 3.6 grams 3. Cottage Cheese (100 grams) Protein = 28 grams Calories = 163 Fat = 2.3 grams 4. Eggs (Per Egg) Protein = 7 grams.

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